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A Virtual Community of Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Change Makers of Western Sydney

About Us

Western Sydney University’s Launch Pad is a Tech Startup Incubator operating since 2015. Launch Pad was established to enable the growth of a startup community in Western Sydney and drive the development of a sophisticated innovation ecosystem for the region.

Launch Pad is focused on supporting Startups and Scaleups that leverage advanced digital technologies as a change agent for the regional economy. Through this focus, Launch Pad is now working to support startup development in areas such as AI, machine learning, VR/AR, data analytics, additive manufacturing and Industry 4.0.

About the Community

We are home to a group of innovators working together to rethink, redesign, and launch products and companies that enrich our lives.

Join the Western Sydney University's Launch Pad Startup Community and get access to startup resources, connect with mentors, find potential cofounders and discover jobs, opportunities and events today.

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By becoming clicking 'request to join' and participating in Launch Pad's virtual community you agree that you have read, understood and agree to adhere to the Launch Pad Code of Conduct and Western Sydney University policies and procedures.